At the end of the year 2020, while the world was preoccupied with the COVID-19 pandemic, and at a time when the local and international markets were trying hard to overcome the crisis, a story of success was written by Palestinian hands in Jericho.

Modern Group Beverage Bottling CO. (MGBBC) was the pioneer of this success and distinction. The company was able to overcome the pandemic conditions by achieving third place in the Middle East and Europe in the field of quality performance and food safety within the Caleb Bradham 2020 International Prize organized annually by PepsiCo international.

Mr. Hatim Al-Omari, General Manager of MGBBC praised this achievement and praised the integrated work and team spirit prevailing in the company, which led to this achievement in the field of quality and food safety. He reaffirmed the commitment of the company represented by the Board of Directors and executive management, to the requirements of quality and food safety, as it is the company’s duty towards the consumer and to achieve more achievements and goals. Mr. Al-Omari also indicated that the company is on its way to achieve growth and development goals in the near future.

In turn, the Director of Supply Chain at MGBBC Mr. Musab Al-Kayed expressed his happiness with this achievement as an indication of the company's commitment to international and local standards of quality and food safety while taking into account the needs and requirements of the consumer. Al-Kayed indicated that this achievement came as a result of continuous effort and integration of roles between various departments and divisions of work in the company, in addition to the fruitful support provided by the company’s board of directors to achieve the goal and develop the work in a sustainable manner. The achievement comes as a complement to another achievement achieved at the end of last year, represented by the installation and operation of a new production line (cans production line) with 90% self-efforts as a result of the pandemic conditions that hindered the arrival of the manufacturer experts of (SIDEL) from abroad due to travel and movement restrictions.

The Regional Director of PepsiCo International, Mr. Jekyle Levent, praised MGBBC for achieving the third place in quality and food safety performance at the level of the Middle East and Europe, and pointed out that providing outstanding performance in the areas of quality and achieving customer satisfaction comes among the main objectives of the company. PepsiCo International, and Mr. Levent thanked the family of the Modern Group Company, considering that winning the quality award is a global recognition of outstanding performance, and he feels proud of the company's commitment to international standards in a sustainable manner since the beginning of work and production to achieve customer satisfaction with exceptional quality.

The Modern Group Company (Pepsi) continues to strive at a steady pace to achieve successes and sustainably taking into account the needs of the consumer regardless of where they are located or the items they request, considering that the top priority is the safety and quality of its products. The company's management reiterates its exceptional commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and that it stands behind every product it offers to the consumer, as it produces, transports and distributes different items on a daily basis with a consistent and distinctive level of performance and quality.